There is no denying that many of our industries are built on and fed on fear and paranoia. Think of the insurance business and the ads for life insurance (read death insurance), fire, flood and storm. The security game is just the same, think of all those ads with scary men trying to break into your home. America is the home of paranoia; what other wealthy nations has no faith in its police force and reckons everyone ought to carry a gun? Technology has fuelled the home invasion paranoia by supplying surveillance cameras, computer monitors and sensor lights and alarms to combat the menace of the bogeyman and terrorist.

Top Home Technology For Piece Of Mind 2017

The smart home can lock and unlock doors and windows, turn on lights, cameras and communicate via mobile phones etc. They are calling it ‘Peace of Mind Technology’ and science is fast becoming like the religions of yesteryear, selling relics to unsuspecting pilgrims seeking the keys to heaven. Locksmiths are becoming high tech wizards, trading in their leather aprons for something light weave and natty looking. Smart security system consultants are the bible selling salesmen of the last century.

24/7 monitoring is at your fingertips, just in case you forget who you are. Wi-Fi network run, these systems range from budget entry level to comprehensive enough to guard Malcolm Turbull’s place. Motion detectors, garage door and gate opening, indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, water sensors, smoke detectors, lights, action and alarms ready to protect you and your family from the next Mormon or Jehovah Witness, who comes calling. You can DIY or get everything professionally installed. Home security comes in different colours and sizes; and spying on the neighbours just got a whole lot more fun.

In South West Sydney, and wherever you may be located, top quality home security is only a mouse click or a phone call away. There is an ever-growing industry lining up to help make you feel safer in your suburban fortress. No need to build battlements, and put in a moat with drawbridge, when you can flick a switch and get a digital deterrent. Lighter and cheaper than all those bricks and mortar solutions, these home technologies promise peace of mind for the terrorised among us. Even, the mildly suspicious will enjoy these surveillance possibilities; sure beats watching TV. Security is no laughing matter, of course, especially when those North Korean ICBMs start falling in our neck of the woods.